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Clean furniture 500 ml


Manufacturer: BioCamper
Shipment:48 hours
Product avaliable (100 pcs)
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● cleaning table tops, laminates and other smooth surfaces
● removing stains and greasy dirt,
● works antistatic and anti-hydrogen,
● perfect for cleaning stainless steel and other shiny surfaces,
● use without dilution
● dilute a maximum of 1: 3 for very light soils
Application method:
● apply the preparation evenly, wait about 10 sec.
● do not allow to dry
● wipe dry with a soft cloth,
● apply vertical surfaces from the bottom to the top.
Composition: non-ionic surfactants <5%, cationic surfactants <5%.
Storage: In a closed container, at room temperature, out of the reach of children. First aid: after contact with eyes - rinse with plenty of water, consult a doctor if necessary.
The pH value of the concentrate 12,0 / salts - no caustic properties /

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Clean furniture 500 ml